beach clean up gaya island

The Downbelow team had a particularly challenging beach clean-up yesterday due to winds from the south & very high tide that occurred overnight.

The beaches around Gaya Island are public & the responsibility to keep the area clean falls under the local authorities however as a responsible conservation minded company we are happy to clean the beaches daily all-year round.

This month however all of our staff are joining in to support the cause & help tackle marine debris.

Trash comes from many sources but ultimately it originates from us humans & our seemingly endless desire for plastic products so please on your next shopping trip do consider if you really need that extra plastic bag and do bring your own recyclable grocery bag.

It has been a day long battle for the Downbelow staff joined by some of our guests and Sabah Parks staff in clearing the unwanted floating debris.

We are happy to report that we have finally cleared it – at least for the day.