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In a 1-day itinerary celebrate Sabah’s nature at Tambunan’s Mahua Waterfall under a program personalised by our Sabah Travel Centre experts!

In Kampung (‘Village’) Patau, running through the dense primary dipterocarp forests, Sungai (‘River’) Lobou and Kulanggi meet at the 17-metre vertical plunge Mahua Waterfall. The natural surroundings of the Crocker Range are simply peaceful and intensely green, although many visitors try their luck to spot some colour in the form of the worlds’ largest and rarest flower species: the Rafflesia!

Downbelow’s Sabah Travel Centre offer a leisurely program to experience such attractions as, the Butterfly Farm and Orchid Orchard, Tambunan Rafflesia Conservation Centre. One of the tour highlights is a local lunch at Gunung (‘Mountain’) Alab with a stunning view of Sabah’s Crocker Range, and around 5pm latest, one of our licensed minivan drivers will transfer guests back to their Kota Kinabalu city centre accommodation.

After such a relaxing day in the forests of Tambunan, guests are ready to try a new and exciting adventure, such as learning to scuba dive in the TAR marine park – in yet another 1-day program!

For more information on the 1-day trips our travel experts can arrange for your Sabah holidays, get in touch!