Go Pro Instructor Paul telling the group about why sharks need their help

Environmental awareness is just one of the ways we give back to the environment here at Downbelow, which is why we have awareness modules in all our group programs.

Our latest Borneo Adventure group, who is currently on Gaya island learning to dive with us, got better acquainted with the environment when resident PADI Course Director Richard conducted the AWARE Coral Reef Conservation course for them.

The Coral Reef Conservation Course is all about coral reefs, why we should protect them and how they are endangered.

Coral reef conservation knowledge forms an essential part of especially divers’ knowledge, as apart from being our playground, coral reefs play an important part in the the health of the ocean’s ecosystem.

Intern-turned-Downbelow-pro-staff Paul was also on hand to introduce the group to the plight of sharks, and collected all their signatures for the Give Sharks a Chance Petition, which is used to help compel governments to enforce shark saving legislation.

All in all the ocean was winning today with education spread that is sure to make a positive impact on the marine environment.

Follow the link for more information about our Borneo Adventure program, or contact us to see what we can do for your group.