Gaya Island, TAR Park: Downbelow is currently hosting a school group of youngsters, aged 10 & 11, from the Australian International School in Singapore for PADI Junior Open Water Courses and environmental awareness.

As one of Project AWARE’s focuses this year, Downbelow too is highlighting the issue of sharks in our oceans.

We involved the Australian International School kids in a Give Sharks a Chance workshop, explaining the role of sharks in the planet’s oceans, why they are so important and what is happening to them.

The process of shark finning was also explained, especially what happens before shark fin ends up in soup at wedding banquets and in remedies.

When the students heard about the Project AWARE Shark Petition they eagerly signed up as an affirmation of their newfound attitude towards sharks. As minors though, their signatures won’t be used for lobbying purposes. (Add your signature to the Shark Petition)

In the coming days the group will be helping out in one of Downbelow’s Project AWARE beach cleanups around the shoreline of Gaya island.

For more information about our Project AWARE conservation activities and environmental awareness programs for groups, contact us or send us an email.

Students from the Australian International School talking about sharks Two youngsters from the Australian International School in Singapore signing the Shark Petition