Yet again we have discovered another discarded fishing net snagged on the reef within the Tunku Abdul Rahman Park while guiding one of our fun dives. As usual we sprang into action  immediately to help protect our marine environment.

We quickly assembled our pro team of Instructors & trainee Divemasters to take care of the problem. We believe the net was on the reef less than 24 hrs but already many creatures such as Cat Sharks, Reef Fish & Crabs have perished so it is important we act swiftly.

We are happy to report that the job now is done & the net has been safely disposed of.

The Downbelow Directors have always had a strong commitment to marine protection & conservation. Our team have removed more than 100 nets from the reefs of TARP over the years & we will continue to do so by providing the logistics & staff along with our passion to help preserve our local area. One of the biggest pleasures is to see the enthusiasm of our team particularly the new members when they assist on these projects.

Net removal is hard work & can be very tricky so take care if you attempt one, as a diver always carry a knife so you can assist whenever the opportunity arises!