We saw whale sharks! Among our guests that day were two people on a 3 Day Dive Package, specifically to see the whale sharks and they have both written very some lovely comments for our guest-book.

“I herewith attached the whale shark pictures that I took on Friday the 13th March 2009. These are the only pictures that I have in my cam.

I really have a great times diving with your team! Only two words that I can describe your team, and that is VERY GOOD!

That’s all from me now and I hope I will manage to get the divers from Kuching to dive in KK for whale shark next year!

Thanks for everything! Warmest regards,
Tan (Sarawak)

Your centre have got yourself great staff with superb eyes sight.. I’m so glad I did see the whale shark… The excitment in me is like so so huge… Really enjoyed myself. Thank you so much…

Warmest Regards