File Photo: Whale shark previously sighted in Kota KinabaluKota Kinabalu, Sabah: Borneo is no stranger to whale sharks and have to been known to be on the migratory path of these magnificent animals.

At Downbelow’s dive station on Gaya island we’ve had a fair amount of whale shark action over the years. During Kota Kinabalu’s whale shark season we do regular SCUBA Diving trips to their favourite feeding grounds in search of krill, their snack of choice.

Whale sharks season in Kota Kinabalu is from roughly February to April each year, and we’ve noticed that sightings peak in roughly 2-year cycles.

With plenty of whale shark action in 2009, according to our 2 year theory, we’re expecting great things this year.

As a point in case, this week there has been 2 reports of whale shark sightings in the Tunku Abdul Rahman Park (TARP) just offshore here of Kota Kinabalu, and today specifically, krill patches have been reported.

And wherever there’s a krill patch, whale sharks are usually not far behind.

Stay tuned for more updates.