We did it! Thanks to everybody for helping us raise this mammoth contributor for Project AWARE's fight against shark finning.


Asia’s first Finathon, held by Downbelow last weekend, has been written in the annals of history, but it took us a little longer to tally the numbers related to the donations and funds raised.

Thanks to the outstanding support of our Finathon participants and the generous sponsors who showed that they care about sharks, Downbelow is delighted to report that the final amount raised is a whopping RM 15,079.10!

At today’s exchange rates that’s equal to AU$ 4,734.64 and US$ 4,925.39.

As promised, Downbelow is giving 100% – be it from donations, sponsorships or merchandise sales – to the Project AWARE Foundation, which will enable them to continue fighting for legislation to control shark finning.

We once again thank everybody who participated in this worthwhile event. You have made a big difference!

Apart from the funds, we also raised a lot of awareness for the cause through newspaper coverage, social media and blogs, and even the Ministry of Tourism, Arts & Culture noticed.

We look forward to the next Finathon and hope to have an even bigger number of participants and raise even more awareness and funds.

Together we are making a difference!