Trekking trails through primary rain-forest, snorkel unspooilt lagoons, scuba dive pristine coral reef !!

Trekking & Snorkeling Gaya Island - Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

From our PADI 5 Star IDC Dive Centre on Gaya Island based within the Tunku Abdul Rahman Park there are some great walking trials through tropical rain-forest.

Join us for guided Trekking along coastal jungle trails, visit the “Spirit Forest”, search for bats, orchids and flying lizards, rare birds and reptiles !

Historically, Pulau Gaya was the site of the British North Borneo Company’s harbour, razed by the rebel Mat Salleh in 1881.

Nowadays the 1,465 hectare island is mainly uninhabited except on the eastern shore which is home to a community of people living in stilt houses.

Together with our resident Wildlife Expert, explore the the virgin tropical rain-forest of the island.

Learn of natural herbal remedies and medical plants that have been used for generations of native people.

Trek along jungle trails in search of flora and fauna, examine tropical hardwood trees and mangrove forests in the knowledge that this protected jungle has been in existence for thousands of years, unaffected by mans destructive farming and agricultural practices.

Before or after lunch go “Downbelow” and snorkel the warm waters of the South China Sea within the marine park from Gaya Island.

Swim alongside colourful marine-life, butterfly fish, parrot fish, cardinals, snappers and if you’re very fortunate the occasional turtle may swim by to see what’s going on.

For more information on our fabulous paradise island please contact us.

We have a dive shop and Classroom located on the KK mainland, please feel free to drop in, we offer free wireless internet, tea, coffee and refreshments.