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Ken Sun Ng and Yee Min Ng made it to Malaysia’s highest point: Lows Peak, Mount Kinabalu!

The adventurous couple are from West Malaysia and are on a holiday to explore their neighbouring state, Sabah! Mount Kinabalu is famous worldwide (not just in Malaysia!) for its iconic national landmark status. Not only is it one of the ‘biggest’ attractions of the UNESCO designated World Heritage Site, Kinabalu National Park, but is also where the Guinness World Records highest via Ferrata!

Via Ferrata is an incredible thrill for any visitor to Kota Kinabalu to experience – although, all participants must be at least 16 years old and also participated in the safety briefing conducted by the experienced via Ferrata trainers based at the Laban Rata Plateau.

From the Laban Rata accommodation, via Ferrata climbers can be seen completing their descent on the Lows Peak circuit via Ferrata, which is located on the Panar Laban rockface.

Throughout the whole mountain climbing activity, via Ferrata trainers will be guiding climbers at all times during the approximately 6-hour circuit for their health and safety.

Our Sabah Travel Centre will advise for our climbing guests to read our climbing preparation and FAQs, once they have committed themselves to an itinerary personalised to their travelling needs.