There are only good things to say about Downbelow and all the staff that work there.

Before I even left England to fly out to KK, I had been given every single detail needed about what I was to expect and
how everything would be planned out.

Divemaster Dan on the right with IDC Intern Paul on the leftAs soon as I got off the plane at KK airport, I was met by one of the drivers for Downbelow, who then
took me directly to the Downbelow Dive Shop/Office to finish off the rest of the paperwork and was then taken directly to the hotel I would be staying in!

From that first day right until my flight back to England, Downbelow proved to be very efficient in every aspect of their day-to-day
routine. From being picked up at the hotel in the morning until dropped off again in the evening, everything was run smoothly and every member of staff I met was always there to help me, especially on my first few days there.

With a high number of instructors there, I was able to gain experience and hear their own personal stories of how they got to where they were (and even giving me their opinions on Divemaster materials if I needed

All of the instructors (and trainees) were all very kind and welcoming. The best aspect of this would be that there would always be
someone around to help you if needed.

Many people, whether in groups or by themselves, would arrive at the island every day for different activities. From snorkelling to
Advanced Open Water, there would always be someone new at the island for each day I was there.

I would also like to give special thanks to James and Richard. They both guided me all the way through the Divemaster program and made sure I was keeping up with the work load!

Most days both of them would be on the island, however there was always one of them there for assistance if I needed it, which was very much appreciated!

Again, I felt very fortunate to have met each and every member of staff at Downbelow.

It was thanks to the input and support of everyone there that I was able to achieve the Divemaster qualification.

Thank you.

Divemaster Dan