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Nick and Sue Morton, our international guests, start their day on Mount Kinabalu’s Low’s Peak at 4,095m altitude!

It’s an incredible achievement to reach the summit of Sabah’s Crocker Range, and the moment was even more special because they reached Low’s Peak in time to witness the valleys and hills lit by the sunrise!

Travel experts at our HQ are very happy to have created an itinerary for the Mortons’ to reach the summit, which was their goal for their Mount Kinabalu challenge! On their 3D2N climb Mount Kinabalu via Mesilau package, the Mortons’ spent one night at Mesilau Nature Resort to acclimatize to the cooler climate. Mesilau is a region on the eastern ridge of Mount Kinabalu, and the route to Low’s Peak is less steep and uphill than the summit trail from the Kinabalu National Park HQ. However, the Mesilau trail joins to the summit trail at Layang Layang, the halfway point of Mount Kinabalu.

There are a variety of packages to suit our clients’ expectations, and it’s highy advised to prepare physically and mentally for such a monumental challenge as ascending Mount Kinabalu!

Get more information from our experienced travel experts based at our Kota Kinabalu Head Office, and discuss a suitable itinerary to attempt the Mount Kinabalu challenge!