Reservation / No Show Authorization/Deposit / Full Payment

Reservations should be made through Downbelow Marine and Wildlife Adventures Sdn Bhd as a fully licensed PADI 5 Star Instructor Development Center & Travel and Tours Agent in Malaysia.

For Resort, Land Travel & Mt Kinabalu bookings and any booking that includes accommodation we require a non-refundable deposit, which is, payable upon confirmation of availability. The balance of your reservation must then be paid 30 days prior to the reservation commencing otherwise the booking will be released. We are unable to hold unpaid bookings. It is the responsibility of the client to ensure payments are made by the due date.

For all bookings at our Dive & Snorkel Center on Gaya Island we require you to complete a “No Show” authorization form which will be emailed upon confirmation of availability. This authorization secures your booking and if you cancel within 48 hours without rescheduling or do not show up on the day the “No Show” fee of RM 150.00 per person will be charged.

This is necessary as we limit the number of people at our center and we become fully booked very quickly especially during peak season.

Once you arrive at our center on Gaya Island your authorization form is shredded and you can pay for your activity by CASH or credit card. Please note that credit cards incur the following admin fee charge VISA / MASTERCARD 3%, AMEX 5%.

Promotions & All Mountain Climb Bookings

Any promotion & Mt Climb requires full payment upon confirmation of availability.

PADI Diving Courses & Internships

Our Scuba Diving courses and internships are performance based.

We cannot offer a guarantee of passing the course requirements as home study and your personal commitment are dependant on the individual student. However we believe in the PADI system of education and have practiced this structure for many years with an extremely high success rate. On occasion however some people require more time than the standard course allows and in these cases we can provide more time and instruction in whatever area is necessary – this however may incur additional charges, of which will be discussed in full and offered should the occasion arise.

Please note that in order to conduct scuba diving courses we have a number of standards and regulations to adhere to. The staff of Downbelow, our Dive sites and ratios are conducted under the Standards & Procedures of the PADI system and we follow British HSE Guidelines.

Cancellation Charges/Refunds

We pride ourselves on providing well-structured itineraries, courses, internships & programs with a high staff to student ratio. In order to do this we must limit the number of students / participants on each course or program. Therefore, once a booking has been made we are unable to refund the deposit and once a course has started we are unable to refund the balance.

After commencement of service, no refund, in part or full, will be given for services included in the package program not utilized.

In the event of cancellation after deposit, no show fee and full payment, the following will apply:

a) After deposit payment and within 45 days before arrival in Sabah – 50% of the trip’s full price or full deposit is forfeited.
b) Within 30 days of arrival date in Sabah – 75% of the trip’s full price is forfeited.
c) Within 14 days of arrival date in Sabah – 100% of the trip’s full price is forfeited.

For PROMOTIONS and Mt K Climbs anytime after full payment is made 90% of the trip is forfeited until 14 days before program commencement. Any cancellation within 14 days 100% of the trips full price is forfeited.

Mountain climbs are non – refundable in any part should your final summit ascent be cancelled due to unsafe weather conditions or you are unable to climb for any reason.

If your Gaya Island trip is cancelled by us for any reason, then we will offer you to reschedule your course or program. Should you be unable to do so, a full refund will be given.

Downbelow Marine & Wildlife Adventures Sdn Bhd acts as an agent for hotels, transport carriers, passenger boats not owned by us, tourist offices and all other contractors (generally termed as Agent) and as such, shall not be held responsible for any irregularity, delay, loss, damage, accident, change of airplane schedule, delay, strikes, political or civil commotion etc…caused by or arising from circumstances beyond our control. Refunds can not be granted for programs missed through missed or delayed flights.

Force Majeure

Downbelow Marine & Wildlife Adventures S/B shall not be liable for travel affected by ‘force majeure’. In the context of these terms and conditions, ‘force majeure’ is any event that is beyond the reasonable control of the Company or which are unavoidable by the exercise of due diligence on the Company’s part including but not limited to war, threat of war, riot, civil commotion or strife, hostilities, industrial dispute, natural disaster, fire, acts of God, terrorist activity, nuclear disaster, adverse weather, government action or technical problems with transportation. Refunds for such events will not be offered and we therefore advise all clients to seek travel insurance to cover for such events in the case of cancellations.


We advise our guests to purchase personnel injury and travel insurance prior to their trip.

Change of Itinerary

The daily program or activities may be exchanged or rescheduled at any time if environmental conditions are considered un-safe, this is not expected nor is it common. We are unable to refund any portion of your trip or course qualification should environmental conditions not permit completion. Mountain climbs are non–refundable in any part should your final summit ascent be cancelled due to unsafe weather conditions.

Credit Card Authorisation / No Show Forms

To download the Credit Card Authorisation or No Show Forms, please right-click on the link and choose something similar to “Save As…” from the menu.

Credit Card Authorisation Form: creditcard_form.pdf (66kb)

No Show Form: noshow_form.pdf (66kb)

Goods & Service Tax from 1st April 2015

Effective from 1st April 2015, the Malaysian Government has implemented Goods and Services Tax (GST) at 6%.

Due to that Downbelow Marine & Wildlife Adventures S/B as required by law is now a fully registered GST company under the registered number 001273888768 and therefore has implemented the GST on all goods & services provided by us effective 1st April 2015 at a standard prescribed rate of 6%.