Swimming to End Shark Finning Bookmarks & T-Shirts

Our first ever Finathon takes place this Sunday, 4 November at our Dive Centre on Gagay Island.

Although we already have numerous participants, we also had a chorus of people saying they can’t go swimming, but they would still like to show their support.

Well, we’ve listened and we hear you!

So, if you’re unable to go Swimming to end Shark Finning, you can still be actively involved.

Buy 1 of these special, limited edition t-shirts or bookmarks, for RM 30 and RM 5 respectively.

We will donate 100% of the money towards Project AWARE Foundation and their Anti Shark Finning campaigns.

The shirts and bookmarks are available from our Dive Shop in KK Times Square. If there are any left come Sunday, then we will sell them at the Finathon on Gaya island.

When we stand together anything is possible and together we are making a difference!