Two of our Head Office staff, Joey and Stephanie, braved the four day three night Rock Alpine Climbing Activity offered by Mountain Torq and sponsored by Downbelow.

The girls started their ascent early, after an 8AM registration at Kinabalu Park Headquarters, and they climbed for roughly 6km to reach Mountain Torq’s Headquarters, Pendant Hut.

The summit trail, which all climbers follow lead Joey and Stephanie, from Timpohon Gate at 1,866 metres to their accommodation at Pendant Hut, an altitude of 3,270 metres. The girls noticed colder weather and increase in physical effort from the lack of oxygen in the higher atmosphere, and many climbers find the challenge in climbing Mount Kinabalu is the mental tenacity required to complete their goals due to the physical pressure.

But the girls arrived at their Pendant Hut destination! They rested before a buffet-style dinner was served and before retiring to their dormitory-style bunk beds they are briefed on their Rock Alpine Climbing Activity. The briefing is required by law, as there are safety aspects to consider, and climbers will need to sign a liability release form to participate.

The basic equipment used for mountain climbing is introduced within the briefing. The use of rope, rock shoes, a helmet and chalk bag are familiarized to prepare before the activity, which will be taking place early the next morning.

However, due to the morning rain, the Rock Alpine Climbing Activity was cancelled. The experienced mountain guides of Mountain Torq use their good judgment to determine if the conditions are suitable for the activity or not.

But the day was not wasted, as the girls received extra practice with the climbing equipment at Pendant Hut and the vista of the mountainous Crocker range below is astounding.

Another early morning the following day, as Stephanie and Joey start their climb at 5.30AM to the location of their Rock Alpine Climbing Activity. The trail to the summit is followed, but there is a detour taken which guides to the starting point of the activity. The entire course consists of 5 routes to climb up vertically and abseil down. These routes range in difficulty and are named accordingly, the good, the bad, the ugly, the arête (meaning ridge in French) and the forgotten. The forgotten was not experienced due to its physically demanding course, so it’s aimed at experienced mountain climbers with above average fitness.

After the Rock Alpine Climbing Activity course is completed, Stephanie and Joey descend to their well-deserved breakfast at Mountain Torq’s Headquarters and ready their belongings to continue their trek back down to Timpohon Gate and Kinabalu Park Headquarters.

Now they’re back to the busy streets of KK City, the girls could be planning a trip back to Mountain Torq soon to try the adrenalin trip of the Sport Alpine Climbing Activity!

Contact Stephanie or Joey, or any of our friendly and helpful staff, at our Head Office in KK Times Square to discuss what flexible packages we offer for your Mount Kinabalu adventure!