Whether you are on an island ready to Scuba dive, in an office tending to your work or in a restaurant having a meal, being prepared for when the unexpected happens, can save lives.

Our Special Offer brings you 3 courses
each complementing the other
at a discounted rate

Emergency First Response EFR Course

Emergency Oxygen Provider & Emergency First ResponderEFR is a course that teaches participants what to do when they are the first to arrive on the scene of an accident. It covers primary care, dealing with life threatening situations, and secondary care for dealing with non life threatening injuries. [Course Details]

Emergency First Response EFR: Child & Infant Care

Once the EFR has been mastered, there are special considerations for children and a different set again for infants in similar situations.

Due to their differences in anatomy and responses compared to adults, child and infant care is taught in a seperate module, which is usually conducted in conjunction with the EFR.

Emergency Oxygen Provider

A useful course in its own right, but particularly suited as a complement to the courses above, Emergency Oxygen Provider teaches the participant how to identify and treat illnesses with emergency oxygen.

The course is not just for divers, but also for people who work near bodies of water, such as boat operators, life guards, marina supervisers and the like. [Course Details]

All 3 Courses at 20% less

Do all 3 courses together and save 20%

Cost: RM750 RM600 per person;
Duration: 1 day;
Prerequisites: none;
Includes: Required learning materials and certification fees;

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