During the early weeks of December even more excitement than usual has filled the dive centre, with regular daily sightings of Black Tip Reef Sharks at one of our favorite dive sites just offshore Gaya Island, TARP.

Black Tip Reef Shark spotted in the TAR Park, Kota Kinabalu

Adult Black Tip Reef Sharks grow to a maximum of 2m in length and are harmless to humans, favoring crustaceans, small rays and schooling fish as their food source.

Traditionally their daily swimming pattern will not take them very far and we are hoping they will remain in the area.

Our resident professional photographer Richard Swann has identified 5 individuals ranging in length from juveniles to fully grown adults.

Sharks Need Friends

Although Sharks are some of the oldest and most successful vertebrates on the earth, many now are becoming increasingly threatened.

They are big business, as demand grows for shark products more and more are targeted.

Over 150 million are killed each year and because their reproduction rates are low, they have long gestation periods and do not mature until about the age of 20 years, the millions that are killed are not being replaced.

Everyone can befriend a shark NOW !

Say NO to Shark FIN !!

It’s especially easy to play our part here in Asia, Boycott ALL restaurants selling Shark Fin Soup !!

Come dive with us at Downbelow, learn about our ecosystems and the irreplaceable role that sharks play to balance the ocean system.