Gaya Island, Kota Kinabalu: Love them or… love them more, one way or the other here at Downbelow, sharks are always on our minds.

Diving Inter Joe Collecting Shark SignaturesWe’ve been adding Project AWARE conservation education sessions to all our group itineraries recently, because we believe that our oceans, and sharks in particular, are worth fighting for.

Not just because sharks are beautifully graceful and fascinating animals, but because as apex predators they are essential to the balance of the ocean.

Our enthusiasm has rubbed off on our professional scuba diving interns too, and recently Master Scuba Diver Trainer Intern Joe was spotted shouting for sharks, gathering pro-shark petition signatures to be exact.

Joe has returned to our dive centre here on Gaya island after completing his IDC and gaining his PADI OWSI qualification with us last year. He has been heavily invovled in our Project AWARE activities.

Joe’s enthusiasm for sharks are just in time for Project AWARE’s Big Shark Shout Out week, to be observed from 15 – 23 October.

The planet is witnessing an accelerated rate of decimation of shark populations and Big Shark Shout Out week is extraordinary effort by divers around the world to once again refocus attention on the plight of sharks.

If we all stand up together we can affect the change needed to turn the tide in favour of shark survival.

Be counted – sign your name to the Shark Alliance AND the Give Sharks a Chance petition now!