Scuba Diving The Rock, West Coast Sabah, Borneo

Downbelow PADI 5 Star Dive Centre are very excited to offer an additional offshore dive site to our dive site portfolio.

“The Rock” is located outside of the Tunku Abdul Rahman Park but we can access it on calmer days.

With our fast speed boats in less than 1 hour from our PADI 5 Star Dive & Adventure Centre which is based on Gaya Island in TAR National Park.

For a very small additional fuel surcharge on top of our Daily Diving Package, we are offering The Rock dive site as a two tank dive package.

Scuba Diving The Rock, West Coast Sabah, Borneo

We set out for the dive site in the morning to explore what it has to offer.

Then we  return to our dive centre for freshly cooked lunch with a boat dive in the TAR National park in the afternoon.

Visibility at The Rock dive site is very good, our last trip saw 30m plus visibility.

The Rocks topography and marine life make it a very interesting addition to our range of dive sites.

Unfortunately like many offshore dive sites outside of the protected marine park the coral has experienced damage due to detrimental fishing methods.

However its visibility and hidden treasures more than make up for the lack of soft corals, so it’s quite a worthwhile outing.

Scuba Diving The Rock, West Coast Sabah, Borneo

In challenging conditions some critters thrive – scorpionfish, lionfish, clownfish and nudibranchs, bamboo sharks, rays and schooling mackrel can be found.

The Rock dive site is suited to novice and more advanced divers alike, photographers won’t know whether to go wide angle and bask in the glorious visibility or stick with macro for its diversity of critter life!

Please ask our staff team for more information on this interesting dive site – subject to availability and weather we can go there everyday !!!

We are the only Dive Centre offering this variety of dive locations !!