Downbelows Scuba Dive Shop in Kota Kinabalu has a wide range of underwater dive lights and torches.

We have become a reseller for Underwater Kinetics and now stock a wide range of underwater dive and torch lights.

Scuba Dive Shop Kota Kinabalu - Large stock of Underwater Kinetics Dive Torch Lights

Underwater Kinetics (UK) were the first to make injection molded protection cases, high performance waterproof lights and innovative accessories providing uncompromising performance since 1971

Also available are Ikelite C-Light 8 torches. Led, Rechargeable, Battery powered Dive Lights are all in stock.

We are also resellers for Atomic Aquatics, Suunto, BARE, Sherwood Scuba and Akona Dive and Adventure Equipment.

Please come and visit to see for yourself our range of Dive and Adventure products.