I could not believe my eyes as ten million fireflies lit up the world

Proboscis monkey perched in a tree along the river, spotted on a cruise

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Proboscis Monkeys & Fireflies River Cruise Package

This package includes:

  • return transfers from Kota Kinabalu to Klias Village;
  • entrance fee for Forestry Department
  • boat cruise;
  • Malaysian-style buffet dinner;
  • refreshments;

A colourful Kingfisher spotted in the branches during a Proboscis Monkey & Firefly River Cruise

Don’t forget to bring: sun cream, insect repellent, extra clothes, towel, camera, sunglasses and loads of curiosity

On the Banks of the Klias River

The highlight of the tour is seeing the remarkable Proboscis Monkey in the wild!

Being able to watch these wonderfully strange looking primates in their natural habitat within the mangroves is a truly wonderful experience.

Additionally, there is also the possibility of seeing many other species of wildlife.

Tropical birds, macaques, silver langur, crocodiles and water buffalo all inhabit the region.

Included on this great value trip is a delicious Malaysian-style buffet dinner at the Klias Lodge.

As the sun sets over the river it will soon be time for the firefly part of the cruise

After dinner guests can experience the fabulous natural light show of the fireflies as they light up the mangrove jungle.

General Itinerary

Below is the general itinerary for the Proboscis Monkey & Fireflies River Cruise:

14:00 Depart from Kota Kinabalu for Beaufort, two hours overland to the southern part of Sabah
16:30 Arrive at Proboscis Wetland Centre, refreshments and River Cruise
18:00 Malaysian-style buffet dinner
18:30 Watch the spectacular Fireflies in the Mangrove Jungle & Depart for return journey to KK
21:00-21:30 Estimated time of arrival in Kota Kinabalu

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A senior male proboscis spotted in a tree during a river cruise, looking sleepy.