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When you think about the dreaded Mt. Kinabalu Gait – that peculiar way in which people walk the day or 2 after scaling our tallest mountain – you’ll have to admit that after strenuous and adventurous activities, relaxing with body treatments and a spa package is just what you need.

At our highly recommended boutique day spa in Kota Kinabalu, they offer holistic relaxation therapies, beauty treatments and wellness programs.

Relax and Absorb the Spa Treatment AromasSeven private rooms cater to independent guests and couples alike and a spacious foot reflexology lounge, gallery area and an indoor tea garden sets the ambiance the moment you walk through the doors.

Aromatherapy Body Massage ~ 60 Minutes

Indulge in a luxurious aromatherapy massage and let your senses be enveloped by the therapeutic wonders of scent therapy. Aromatherapy works by stimulating the body’s natural healing process and relaxation response through aroma inhalation and the absorption of essential oils into the skin.

The oil is rubbed into the epidermis in firm yet gentle strokes, making it the perfect pamper treat for those who prefer a tender approach. Choose from three types of pre-blended essential oils:-Relaxing, Energising or Muscle Relief.

Custom blends of aromatherapy oils can be arranged to suit your specific needs. Body Massage + Head & Shoulder Massage ~ RM 189.00 per person (90 Minutes)

Chill out in the tea gardenHolistic Body & Foot Package ~ 120 Minutes

From head-to-toe, you’ll be taken on a journey of total relaxation with a total body massage care package. This treatment begins with a foot scrub to smooth away dead skin cells. You will then be pampered with a body massage treatment of your choice* for an hour. Finally, our therapist will work an extra hour on your feet with a Nanyang Foot Reflexology to rebalance organ functions and improve your blood circulation. A perfect package if you want both your body and feet to be given the due attention they deserve.

Harmony Body Scrub & Wrap ~ 60 Minutes

Unveil the youthful glow of your skin with an all-natural body scrub and wrap. The body scrub will exfoliate dead skin, polish and buff your skin to reveal a healthy sheen while the body wrap will restore deep moisture and nourish your skin.

Traditional recipes using natural ingredients with no chemicals or preservatives are used for this treatment, just as they have been by the local communities for centuries.

We offer various choices of Sea Salt and Brown Sugar Scrubs or Herbal Scrubs. After exfoliation, your body will be lathered and wrapped with the nourishing goodness of Sabah Fresh Milk and Honey. This post-scrub wrap will moisturise, polish, smoothen and rejuvenate your skin so that you will be silky soft to the touch.

A lovely bit of reflexologyBlissful Couples Package (for 2 pax) ~ 180 Minutes

Treat your partner and yourself to a relaxing journey of healing starting with a Nanyang Foot Reflexology to improve blood circulation and the flow of your Qi.

Both of you will also be pampered with Body Scrubs to reveal your natural glow, followed by moisturising Body Wraps to nourish your skin. Finally, we’ll spend another hour giving the lady a relaxing full-body Aromatherapy Massage, while the man gets a tension-easing Shiatsu Massage.

This companion treatment will be sure to leave the both of you completely rejuvenated, in harmony with each other and in rhythm with your being.

If you would like to book this program, please send us an email, call our office number or hotline, or drop in at our office in KK Times Square in Kota Kinabalu.

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