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Expert Stephanie, from Downbelow Marine and Wildlife Adventures’ Sabah Travel Centre prepares client, Karen, for Mount Kinabalu!

Karen from the US will be climbing to Mount Kinabalu’s Lows Peak, as well as descending via Ferrata. And the following day, after her mountain climbing program, she may visit our premier PADI 5 Star IDC Dive Centre for a day of leisure diving! It’s not a problem to ascend to altitude before scuba diving, however the other way around will be putting health and safety at risk.

Karen didn’t have to think to much about that though because our Sabah Travel Centre experts are experienced in the rules of recreational scuba diving.

There’s more preparation to climb Mount Kinabalu’s summit trail than timing though! Our dedicated website to our mountain climbing packages references lots of advice and FAQs, as well as important information, for our clients to successfully achieve their goals!

Contact our Kota Kinabalu HQ and we will create a personalised itinerary for your journey in Sabah to include all the adventure activities you would like to experience!