Sabah Travel Centre introduces to clients visiting Sabah new adventure packages to climb Mount Alab and Mount Trus Madi!

These two mountain ranges are within the Crocker Range valley, both routes can be completed in a 2D1N itinerary and both offer different highlights.

To reach Mount Alab’s peak, Minduk Sirung at 2,050 metres altitude, the terrain is exhilaratingly challenging and is way off the beaten track to many visitors! For those in search of an expedition-style for their jungle trekking experience in Borneo, they’ll definitely get what they need from Mount Alab!

On the other hand, Trus Madi is not only arranged in a 2D1N itinerary, but also a 3D2N Mount Trus Madi summit climb package. Climbers are transferred via 4×4 to the starting point of the climb to the summit, and the 4.2 km Apin-Apin trail is an awesome challenge because it’s narrow and overgrown with tree roots and fallen trees.

These programs are for the truly hardcore, adventurous hikers and climbers, although there’s plenty of attractions at both mountains for those who are not inclined to participate in jungle trekking, such as Mahua Waterfall at Mount Alab, or the Rafflesia Conservation Centre at Mount Trus Madi!

Travelling groups on our Expedition Borneo program who visit Sabah with our operations on a regular basis every year, will surely be more than willing to try trekking these routes!

For more information on our Sabah Travel Centre’s new packages, contact our experts who can personalise a program to suit your needs travelling Borneo!