Hi Guys

Alan and I just wanted to say thanks SO much for everything you’ve done for us so far, including hanging about this evening for us to get back from the mountain… we expected to have been back in KK about 3.30 not 7.30, but Eddie our guide was a gem and was keen to show us all sorts including a flowering Rafflesia which Alan was very pleased about!

Anyway, we had a fun packed day but it was long and we were beat when we returned, just packing up the cases now and heading to bed shortly for our flight in the morning, but logged on to print off our itinerary for the next few days as I’d forgotten what we were doing when!

We really have had a brilliant first 3 days in Sabah all thanks to you guys and re-reading the excursion know the next week or so will be just as great if not better. :)

I have an old school friend honeymooning here in a couple of weeks and I’ve already passed your details on to her if they want to dive or book excursions and we’ll be sure to do the same with anyone coming here.

You’ve certainly made it a breeze for us to see the best of the place in our short time (wish it was longer) and we appreciate it massively.

Really hope we get to come back and visit you again in your little share of paradise but will drop you a note on our return to the UK and let you know how the rest of the trip goes.

Big big thanks again,
Lara & Alan