Handsfree Sola Dive 500 Underwater Dive Light

There’s lots of buzz around the new product, Light & Motion Sola series of dive lights, which arrived in the Downbelow Dive Shop in Kota Kinabalu.

Avid pro underwater photographer and Downbelow’s resident PADI Course Director, rounded up his diving crew and took the Sola Dive 500 for a spin.

The light is attractive for various reasons, but, said Richard, one of its best selling points it the factory-sealed body.

Noting that the LED lights will probably never need replacing and the fact that the Sola lights have built-in Lithium Ion batteries, there is no reason to ever open the body, which means flooding is a thing of the past.

With the all the confidence in the world, Richard took the light along on a Deep Dive scenario he was conducting for our pro interns.

“The light performed perfectly at 30+m”, Richard said of the sturdy little dive light that packs a punch.

PADI Instructor Tim really gave the light a workout during our latest night dive, which he guided.

“Of all 8 torches used, the Sola Dive 500 was the brightest,” reported Tim, “with a much longer burn time to boot.”

PADI Instructor Vic went macro diving on a rather dull, cloudy day and implemented the Sola Dive 500 while searching for critters. “It had not been charged since the night dive,” he said, “but it still burned strong the entire dive.”

Thanks to the built-in batteries, which means no more discarding flat batteries, the Sola Dive 500 is environmentally friend. An instant winner with the Downbelow crew.

Richard clearly enjoyed the product. “All in all this is an excellent value, light but tough, virtually flood free, long lasting, rechargeable, eco friendly, easy to use, minimal maintenance hands free dive light.”

The Sola Dive 500 gets Downbelow’s professional vote. The product is available in our dive shop in Kota Kinabalu, but we also stock it as a rental light at our PADI 5 Star IDC Dive Centre on Gaya island in Kota Kinabalu.

“I will be testing the Sola Photo next,” Richard said with an eager look, “which we also stock for sale and rental.”

To get your hands on this fine dive light, email us or drop by and visit our offices in KK Times Square in Kota Kinabalu.