borneo romantic proposal

Our PADI Discover Scuba Diving program at Downbelow had a very positive effect on our guests from China!

The group of friends enjoyed their day so much, that it presented a romantic situation for a proposal and she said ‘yes’!

One of our guests was none the wiser earlier that morning when she was on one of our Downbelow speedboats to our PADI 5 Star dive centre on Gaya Island. Our team of friendly instructors no doubt had them feel welcome and relaxed about their new scuba diving experience.

To begin with, our Downbelow instructor will demonstrate a few simple skills in shallow water and practice these skills whilst trying underwater swimming. Once comfortable, the participants do an open water dive and this is conducted in our natural lagoon in front of our beach house, where there are plenty of curious ‘Nemo’ waiting and wrasse, triggerfish and snappers too. While the student enjoys their view, the instructor is supervising their dive very closely and always thinking of their safety.

Enjoying the fragile reefs of corals and colourful schools of fish inspires many divers to continue their education and explore the amazing life of seas and oceans.

Scuba diving can be life-changing and what a day for our guests to remember – scuba diving and an engagement!