Safety is Paramount at Downbelow

Our staff are all trained in first and CPR with Emergency First Response qualification. Teaching staff at our dive centres are updated Emergency First Response Instructors and Emergency Oxygen Provider Instructors.

High quality specialist equipment is used. We maintain air quality test records and equipment service and inspection records. Equipment are either new or maintained to manufacturer guidelines. Dive centre and dive vessel First Air & Oxygen Kits meet British HSE & EFR requirements. As for communication network, we use marine radios, mobile telephones and satellite phones. If you join our Go Pro courses you will learn and realise the importance of safety, preparation and risk assessment.

Standards and Procedures

According to current worldwide accident statistics, it is accurate to state that recreational scuba diving is a safe sport. Improvements in equipment, emphasis on proper and thorough training and responsible dive operators have all contributed in minimising the inherent risks in diving. However the vary nature of scuba diving contains the potential risk of injury and as in most other recreational activities that potential risk is occasionally realised and must be prepared for.

We have established extensive safety standards and procedures which are executed, regularly monitored, updated and tested. Our training courses adhere to PADI Standards and Procedures and UK HSE guidelines. We believe that through risk assessment, preparation and training we are able to reduce the risk and plan for emergency assistance.

Emergency Planning

To minimise risk and save valuable time, planning for an emergency is vital. An Emergency Action Plan is in place at our dive centres so that everyone, if required, knows what to do. This is to cover any eventuality that might arise. The plan is consistently reviewed and updated and is displayed at our dive centre on Gaya Island. To facilitate rapid response we utilise communication links made possible through marine radios on all our boats and handheld radio communications on land. Thus enabling any member of the team to communicate with the dive centre at all times.

Our resident PADI Platinum Course Director and Downbelow’s Managing Director Richard Swann heads the team at the PADI 5 Star CDC Centre. A PADI Course Director is the highest level of professional rating in the PADI system of education and to be awarded the Platinum level is indication of our commitment to instructor development. There are currently only 71 PADI Platinum PADI Course Directors worldwide.