collage-mt-kHi Stephanie,

I’m soooo sorry that I couldn’t email you. I’ve been busy since I came back in Japan.

My 9 days new year’s holiday was over but I already miss KK. oh my legs had been sore for about a week and it reminded me KK every time when I walked tho lol


I made it to the top!!! YAY!!haha

It was too bad that we couldn’t talk! I was glad to hear that the driver told me that Stephanie wants to talk to me!
He made a call you but unfortunately you were not there so I talked to your co-worker, Joey.

She was a nice person, too!

Thank you very much for everything you did for us.
I talked to Megan on the phone after I was back in the park and I knew you changed the booking the hut to Laban Rata.
I was really tired at the time ( when I got to the laban Rata) and I didn’t expect that I could stay there so Rieko and I were really happy about that!
I really appreciate your hospitality!
the staffs and drivers of Down Below are awesome:))
I’ll definitely recommend DOWNBELOW if I find someone who wants go to KK and I’ll join the fun diving (I’m an Open water diver) next time if I have a chance to visit KK again.

If you come over to Japan please let me know;D

I’ll attach some my pics of climbing Mt. Kinabalu.(red jacket is me and blue one is Rieko)
I hope you enjoy! hehe

I’ll work on the reviws later!
Thank you very much again!

Miho Fukumoto
Rieko Katahata

Japanese guests climbing mt kinabalu

Japanese ladies climbing Mt K