DK Sandakan Briefing

Our first Danish Adventure Group of the year receives a briefing on their upcoming trip to the Sandakan region of Sabah, Borneo!

Their activities will be a variety of attractions in and around Sandakan, such as the Rainforest Discovery Centre, where they will venture on canopy walks to admire the natural and unique biodiversity of the area.

Historical landmarks are part of their itinerary too, such as a Buddhist Temple with an impressive panoramic view of Sandakan town centre and tropical waters of the Sulu Sea.

The adventurers’ will visit one of the Gomantong cave system to witness how valuable the harvesting of birds’ nest is and learn about the preservation of the 9 caves of Gomantong. Then it’s onto the river safaris along the famous Kinabatangan.

There’s so much to explore in Sandakan & the Kinabatangan River, so we are able to cater a package for your holiday needs when you contact one of our helpful and experienced Head Office staff! We maintain our high standards of customer service throughout your program to ensure an unforgettable Borneo holiday!