Kota Kinabalu, Sabah: Following an informative meeting this morning, the adventurous Danes are now prepped and ready for 5 days on the Salt Trail.

The knowledge of the Downbelow crew that went on the Salt Trails last month, benefitted the Danish adventure group as they spent the morning at the Downbelow office in KK Times Square learning about what to expect on the 40km trek.

After explaining what would be done during the 5 day jungle trek, and what would be needed to do it, the group was left with one more preparation on their own: mental.

Involve Body & Mind

The Salt Trail is an undeveloped nature trail and is physically challenging. Much of the enjoyment of the trek comes for the mental attitude of the participant though.

The few truths to accept about jungle trekking, especially for novices who may not have spent any time in the jungle before, is that it’s wet, humid and, as one might expect, smells of jungle, which eventually permeates you and your gear.

Acceptance = Enjoyment

Once you accept that this is part of jungle trekking and unavoidable, you stop worrying about getting wet and smelly and enjoy the walk and beautiful surroundings, which include rivers, unspoiled forest and raw, unadulterated nature.

The trek commences tomorrow in Inobong and will conclude on Sunday near Tambunan. We look forward to updating the blog shortly after.

The DK Adventure group after their Salt Trails briefing ready for action. At least, we think they're ready for action