Newly-wed Taking A Romantic Stroll in Gaya Island

Our clients today, are international newlyweds who are experiencing a 1-day multi-activity program at our Gaya Island PADI 5 Star IDC beach house!

Our multi-activity program is a mixture of snorkelling, trekking and kayaking, however it is determined by the clients’ choice what activity they would like to experience more.

Our island team conducts three activity sessions everyday, so clients may enjoy a different activity each session, or all three sessions participating in one activity! Clients are given a briefing for all of their activities, especially in-water activities and provided a guide for supervision.

Our multi-activity day program is very popular because it is only one day to create fun experiences and our itineraries are so convenient! We provide transport to and from your accommodation in KK City Centre and our Gaya Island beach house and it is inclusive of buffet lunch and refreshments during your day.

Visit us at our Head Office in KK Times Square to organise a fun-filled day during your special holiday at our PADI 5 Star IDC beach house and discover the natural beauty of Sabah, Borneo!