Learning Open Water in Borneo

One of our full time PADI IDC Staff Instructor Tim, certifies his students today and it’s been a great experience for all involved!

Tim’s students should be proud to have challenged themselves to an awesome sport such as scuba diving.

Our two guests have been learning how to dive for three days which is the minimum time to complete the PADI Open Water course. During their course, they learn various scuba diving skills to give them the confidence to handle any unlikely problem that might occur and attain general comfort while they swim underwater.

Tim is a very patient and highly experienced PADI IDC Staff Instructor and will make sure his students are safe, which will help them feel at ease.

Intern, Amy, is acting as Tim’s certified assistant during the course. Tim’s students will feel much more secure knowing there’s a PADI professional teaching and for extra support they have a professional diver in training to keep an eye on them as well.

Tim is also Amy’s mentor for her PADI Divemaster course and she can see the daily activities of her PADI Instructor Trainer, which will give her lots of insight into the scuba diving industry as she understands more about the operation of a busy dive centre such as our Downbelow PADI 5 Star IDC dive centre.

Our Go PRO team of PADI Staff Instructors, Tim included, train the PADI Divemaster to a very high standard and always emphasise safety. The natural progression of a PADI Divemaster is to become a PADI Instructor and our Go PRO team value continuing education as it expands a students’ knowledge base to be a better scuba diver and a more prudent scuba diving professional.

As Amy completes each component of her PADI Divemaster she will understand the added benefit of dive industry exposure from her internship program to give her attractive employment opportunities. We wouldn’t be surprised if she continued her diving education beyond PADI Divemaster.

Amy will be very well prepared for the Instructor Development Course, which we integrate into a 1-month internship program and our conduct of the IDC is renowned for its high success rate in PADI IDC Asia!

Amy has made a great choice with Downbelow for her future career as Go PRO diver!