Diving the TAR Park, Sabah: Over the last 2 years or so the ever-improving health of the Tunku Abdul Rahman Park (TAR Park) has been pronounced.

Not only are we seeing marine life in the park, which haven’t been reported in years, but those we do find are spotted more often than ever before.

It’s the result of successful park management, banishing of destructive fishing methods like fish-bombing and cyanide fishing, and the cooperation of industry players.

Stumpy the marble ray alive and well in the TAR Park, Kota Kinabalu

Long Time Resident Marble Ray

It was thus with glee that, last Thursday, Richard got reacquainted with and old friend; Stumpy, the marble ray.

Stumpy has been in the TAR Park for quite some time, and Richard has spotted this beautiful marble ray every now and then over the last couple of years.

Named Stumpy, because the marble ray is missing his tail, is otherwise healthy and quite a sizable specimen to boot.

Whichever incident caused him to lose his tail, we’re glad to note that Stumpy is alive and happy in the TAR Park.

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Because we dive in the TAR Park several times everyday, Downbelow has unparalleled knowledge of the park’s treasures and on which dive sites you’re most likely to spot which critter.

Our divemasters and instructors are highly trained and supremely knowledgable about the park. We pride ourselves on very low instructor-to-diver ratios, with only safety more important than having fun, which is why Downbelow adheres to PADI guidelines as well as British HSE guidelines, ensuring your piece of mind whilst a guest of ours.

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