Go PRO team KK

It’s important for you to get to know your PADI professionals, whether you want to participate in a PADI Discover Scuba Diving experience program or if you want to complete an internship to be a professional scuba diver yourself!

When you decide to visit us at our PADI 5 Star IDC dive centre on Gaya Island, you will find the most welcoming and friendly members of staff. They leave such a positive impression, that many of our guests repeatedly come back.

Our team of PADI Instructors is responsible for all courses taught: from the PADI Open Water course, all the way to the Instructor Development Course. Each and every course is handled with the highest standard of scuba diving training and our teaching methods are regularly appraised by PADI – evidenced by our numerous awards for excellence in scuba diving education.

Our team provides our guests with outstanding customer service and professionalism because they love their job. They work efficiently as a team because they are more than colleagues: they are scuba diving professionals with the same passion for exemplary scuba diving instruction.

As soon as you arrive at our beach house, you will sense an infectiously fun camaraderie that is hard to forget once you leave!

Get in touch with us to discuss the various activities we offer! Our team of PADI Instructors can’t wait to meet you!