Downbelow's staff does a beach clean-up every morning and gets a head start on September's Debris Month of Action.

Trained for Debris Action

Downbelow’s Local Trainee Program takes Sabahan talent and nurture them to become professional scuba divers, trained to the highest standards.

As all-round skilled pros, and inline with Downbelow’s conservation philosophy, we ensure that our trainees are aware of the environmental threats to the very ocean we as divers enjoy from the start.

Due to various reasons, a fair amount of buoyant trash makes it into the sea around Kota Kinabalu.

Every so often the breeze and tide collude to send what we call “trash tide” our way. That’s when we arrive in the mornings to find the shores in front of our dive centre cluttered with litter.

The first thing our trainees learn, however, is the importance of a daily clean-up when they join the rest of the team in cleaning up our beach.

Visible and Invisible Enemy

At our location marine debris that sink to the bottom is one problem, but the buoyant marine debris threatens a whole different eco system.

Around our dive centre are sensitive mangrove swamps, which provide an important intertidal zone that acts as a nursery for many reef-bound juveniles.

With the hard work of our staff, Downbelow saves our environment from a substantial amount of marine debris.

Get in on the Action

In conjunction with awareness programs such as Project AWARE’s Debris Month of Action campaign, Downbelow is active, not just in highlighting the problem of marine debris, but also in getting our hands dirty in doing our part to reduce the problem.

What are you doing to reduce the problem? Watch this space for how you can get involved in the September Debris Month of Action.

September is Project AWARE's Debris month of Action. Get involved and contribute to keeping our oceans clean.