live the dream in borneo

Many people thought the line “Living the dream” means living in excessive richness surrounded by expensive cars and properties. Majority of those who are stuck in the rat race are dreaming of these exactly and because of that, they live a miserable life.

Living the dream means loving your life every second of the day and loving the things that you do. It is when you can’t draw a line between your work and your passion.

Take for example, PADI Platinum Course Director Richard Swann in the photo above taken last week. He was swimming with a turtle while working!

Together with all of our dive instructors, they are living the dream right here in Borneo Malaysia.

We believe everyone should chase after their dreams and we are happy we have produced many Sabahan dive professionals through our internship course.

That is also the reason why we have sponsored Ann “Athena” Osman for her upcoming OneFC Total Domination debut fight in Singapore this coming 18th October. This native Sabahan lass is Malaysia‚Äôs 1st ever Female Pro-MMA Fighter!

What about you? Are you chasing your dream or is your dream just a dream?

If you love to dive and would like to work outside of the cubicle, then consider becoming a dive instructor.

Enroll in our PADI professional internship program in Malaysia today. Call us now for more information!