Downbelow PADI Instructor Vic is teaching the PADI Open Water course to our clients on holiday from Australia!

One of our Go PRO interns Danielle, is assisting Vic with the conduct of his program. As part of Danielle’s internship program, she will follow the course in its entirety for the full real life scuba diving experience. This will be invaluable experience when she begins the Instructor Development Course (IDC), which is starting on January 27th.

Throughout the PADI Open Water course, each in-water session must be given a briefing on what skills will be performed and the organisation. Danielle, who recently completed her PADI Divemaster, will provide any assistance Vic will need in the conduct of various skills. In particular, Danielle must show a high level of supervision, for example, when one of the students is not being given Vic’s direct attention because another student is performing a skill.

Vic’s students will increase their knowledge about scuba diving over their 3-day course, but there is always more to learn. Danielle can relate to a divers’ natural inclination to continue their education.

Danielle, like all of our full time PADI Instructors at Downbelow, certified as PADI Open Water divers and progressed to become PADI professionals. Soon, IDC candidates will find themselves learning how to teach others’ how to dive!

Our Go PRO team of Instructor Trainers is committed to maintaining our high standard of scuba diving education and training and no doubt Danielle and the other IDC candidates will be prepared for their Instructor Examinations at the end of the course to be fully qualified PADI Open Water Scuba Instructors!

Enjoy your journey to living the diving dream, Danielle!

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