Panoramic shot of our Kota Kinabalu dive centre on Gaya island in Sabah

Even during the busy group season a beautiful day is a beautiful day and on such days you have to strike while the iron is hot.

In the case of Downbelow we strike the proverbial iron with a camera and take beautiful photos of our Kota Kinabalu dive centre on Gaya island in Sabah.

Resident PADI Course Director Richard holding up IDC Staff Instructor James while he takes the panorama We are blessed that our Kota Kinabalu dive centre is in a secluded cove, adjacent to the Sabah Parks headquarters, surrounded by the unspoiled tropical rainforest that covers most of Gaya island.

During high-tide we can bring the dive boats right up to the beach that fronts the dive centre, as opposed to the end of the jetty where they are moored at low tide.

The panorama above is of exactly such a scene on one of the most prefect days in Kota Kinabalu, which this year, have not been an entirely uncommon occurrence.

To get the shot just right, resident PADI Course Director Richard gave IDC Staff Instructor James a boost, illustrating the wider benefits of PADI Professionals working together as a team.

To visit our beautiful Kota Kinabalu dive centre here on Gaya island in Sabah, drop us a line and let’s go diving in Kota Kinabalu.