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Ghostpipefish – a prize find in any location haven’t been this plentiful for long while and we believe the return of fantastical creatures to Kota Kinabalu’s Tunku Abdul Rahman Park (TARP) is pure conservation dividends.

Like many marine creature Ghostpipefish are seasonal and now is their peak season but its been years since they were in such abundance.

TARP has historically been shunned by divers thinking anywhere in Sabah other than Sipadan is boring.

However with marine life returning to the reefs and rare creature encounters frequent, Downbelow is convinced that conservation efforts are rejuvenating the park.

We see something wonderful on every dive – vibrant corals, unusual Nudibranches, Marble & Eagle Rays, Schools of Chevron Barracuda, Orang Utan Crabs, Pajama Cardinals; they’re all here within sight of the city.

Gaya Island & TARP have enjoyed increased protection from Sabah Parks and it’s the reduction of illegal fishing practices that’s a major contributor to the return of marine life.

To discover more about diving Borneo and to dive Gaya Island & TARP, please peruse our website.

For more information on the marine creatures you are likely to see please peruse our Marine Biology Section of the website. All information and photography is the work of Richard and Joanne, Directors of Downbelow Marine & Wildlife Adventures.


Ghostpipefish Gaya Island

Kota Kinabalu’s Tunku Abdul Rahman Park (TARP) sees Conservation Dividends.