KK Dive Club NIGHT Diving !

KK Dive Club Night Diving the Tunku Abdul Rahman Park

The islands within the Tunku Abdul Rahman Park – TARP offer some very safe and rewarding night dive sites with plenty of marine life to be found including a variety of crustaceans, nudibranchs, squid and cuttlefish, feeding coral polyps and much more.

Night diving is a unique experience, with your vision restricted our other senses are heightened and more alert !

The KK Dive Club aims to get specifically locals – Malaysians and Expats in the water to appreciate what we have right here on our doorsteps.

If you live in Kota Kinabalu or Sabah and you love diving, then you’ve gotta dive with us!

KK Dive Club patrons Richard & Jo from Downbelow are crazy about diving and a passion like that is infectious.

Further more, they love the Tunku Abdul Rahman Marine National Park (TARP) and show you thing you never knew existed so close to the city.

So how do i get involved ?

Please visit the KK Dive Club website or contact us for more information.