Kinabalu Park Day Trip – “A Walk In The Park”

“Offering Great Flexibility – so much to see in One Day !!”

Kinabalu Park & Poring Hot Springs Day Trip from Kota Kinabalu

The ecosystems of Mt Kinabalu are very special with climatic zones ranging from tropical lowland forests to polar type summit zones.

This great mountain has become an icon of natural history and successful conservation whilst maintaining its position as the most accessible of high mountains to climb and explore.

This private day trip to Mt Kinabalu offers great flexibility.

Whether you wish to take relaxed walks along the river and through mountain trails, enjoy the beautiful and rare flowers of the Botanical garden, see the rainforest from a different perspective at 45m above the canopy floor or take a dip into sulfur springs or try your luck at searching for the Raflessia Flower.

All this can be experienced on a one day trip from Kota Kinabalu.

For the more adventurous you can climb HALF WAY to the summit!

This 8 KM return climb follows the same route that climbers of Mt Kinabalu take but instead of continuing to Laban Rata you will turn around at Layang Layang (2700m) and return to the comfort of your car and driver It’s a very physical climb and can get a little cold at 2700m but well worth the views.

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Kinabalu Park & Poring Hot Springs Day Trip from Kota Kinabalu