Conservation efforts by the staff and management of Kapalai Dive Resort continue with the construction of artificial reef systems located in front of the dive station.

Kapalai's Artificial House Reef Project
One of the more established fishing boat wrecks at Kapalai
House Reef, home to Clown Frogfish and Ghostpipefish

Adding to an already established collection of small wrecks the recently sunken boats and purpose built wooden constructions will in time become part of the natural environment.

It provides shelter, protection and food for surrounding marine life.

With worldwide coral reefs in decline space comes at a premium.

An artificial reef system creates its own biomass where coral polyps develop.

They cover the steel and wooden debris, thus providing extra room for species to develop.

Kapalai's Artificial House Reef Project
Divemasters placing one of the purpose built
wooden structures

Wildlife concentrates on these reefs and in many cases enhances the development of rare species.

To name but a few Kapalia’s artificial house reef is already home to Painted and Clown Frogfish, Harlequin Ghostpipefish, Giant Grouper, Butterfly and Angelfish, various members of the Scorpionfish family and the endangered Bumphead Parrotfish.

The resorts vision in creating this new habitat is, in our opinion to be commented.

Not only will it ease human pressure by divers on natural reefs in the area, it also provides another attraction should Sipadan be privatised or off limits to divers for an amount of time in the future.

Kapalai's House Reef is located a giant stride from the Dive Center

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