Borneo is an anthropologists’ dream! A list of the ethnic tribes in the state of Sabah alone is astounding, compared to the rest of the world and this is what makes travelling Sabah so special for our adventure group on their Expedition Borneo!

All the way from Denmark, the difference in culture is so beautifully represented in the idyllic town of Sandakan, Sabah’s former capital. During their tour of the town, their itinerary includes visiting the elaborately decorated Puu Jih Shih temple and marveling at the panoramic vista of the Sulu Sea!

Sandakan is the gateway to the heart of Borneo, and our adventurers’ will be introduced to not only culture, but to the biodiversity of wildlife that can be found along the Kinabatangan River when participating on early morning and late afternoon cruises.

A week in Sandakan is just what they need to rest and relax after learning to scuba dive at our Gaya Island beach house in Kota Kinabalu, and more importantly before their Mount Kinabalu challenge!

For more information on how we can cater a suitable Expedition Borneo! program for you to explore Sabah get in touch with our Head Office! We are experienced in organizing both small and large groups for a variety of educational adventure programs, so contact us for more details!