PADI IDC Staff Instructor Paul on the right, gives Kenji a demo in training aid use.

As the May Instructor Development Course’s Instructor Exam loomed ever closer, the anticipation in the IDC classroom became palpable.

Our 7 IDC candidates broke out in a  sweat. Was the tension getting too much for them, or was it merely the late afternoon sun beating against the IDC classroom window?

Downbelow’s PADI Go Pro team didn’t even bat an eyelid, for they knew that like the many who have come before them, these IDC candidates too were as well prepared as any candidate can be going into the Instructor Exam.

Downbelow does, after all, have a 100% success rate.

Resident PADI Course Director Richard casually sipped his coffee, leaning back in his chair he surveyed the classroom, always watchful, always checking to make sure the students are on the ball.

Freshly minted PADI IDC Staff Instructor Paul was already applying his new qualification, instructing the IDC students to the high standard that he himself has been trained.

Richard looked at Paul. Paul looked at the students. The students looked at each other and smiled, secure in the knowledge that with Downbelow they would be successful during the Instructor Exam this weekend.

They calmed their nerves and continued with revision as the sun was setting and the exam was drawing near…