A mix of Instructor Development Course candidates and Downbelow's Go Pro Team enjoying the course-work

Downbelow’s Instructor Development Course is nearing its end and the Instructor Examination is looming large as the weekend draws ever closer.

Our 7 Instructor Development Course candidates have enjoyed beautiful weather here in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah and everybody has been working hard.

Richard reports that their hard work is fueled by a healthy fear, or is that nerves, but their confidence is not in any way eroded, as Downbelow’s Go Pro Team has done a great job preparing them.

Speaking of Downbelow’s Go Pro Team; Paul Jones, who is currently on the team as an Open Water Scuba Instructor is well on his way to earning his IDC Staff Instructor rating.

As you can imagine there’s an awful lot of hitting-the-books going on at the Gaya island beach house.

The nett effect of that is that there will be a mammoth party somewhere next week when everybody achieves their goals.

But for now, focus!

The Instructor Exam still stands between us and severe celebrations.