To commemorate our conservation efforts, Project AWARE awards our team and our partner Hyatt Regency with a poster, which is now framed and hanging on a wall in our Headquarters in Kota Kinabalu!

Our premier Gaya Island beach house hosted a day of island activities for 26 members of staff from the high-end hotel Hyatt Regency under the supervision of our island staff team of PADI professionals.

In aid of raising public awareness towards World Ocean Day, we organized a session of beach cleaning along the shore and an educational afternoon of mangrove panting to focus on the main hazards to the marine and terrestrial ecology and the benefits of protecting and preserving nature.

All participants determinedly collected marine debris in the morning to amass 347kg of it!

After lunch, the nature enthusiasts’ learned about mangrove planting. One of many reasons mangroves are an essential ecosystem for us to protect is that they supply nutrients to juvenile species of marine life that shelter in its roots.

Arrange a day of volunteering when you contact one of our Head Office members of staff who will create a program for your group, small or large, to discover the natural biodiversity of Borneo!