The Gomantong Caves in Sabah is a huge system of caves known for the nests of swiftlets used in Bird Nest Soup

During the east coast leg of our Danish adventure group’s Borneo Adventure, one of the interesting places they visited was the Gomantong Caves.

The Gomantong Caves are best known as significant source of Bird Nest, the key ingredient for the sought after Chinese elixir Bird Nest Soup.

So important are the Gomantong Caves’ bird nest resources, that because of it the surrounding jungle was declared a national park, while the caves are guarded year round, even in the off season.

During the Borneo Adventure with Downbelow, adventurers get to wander inside the Gomantong Caves and explore the labyrinth with gravity defying bamboo ladders reaching for the cave roof high above.

Our Danish adventurers learned more about bird nest harvesting and got to see how the harvesters spend their days.

To enjoy this interesting stop on its own or as part of the Borneo Adventure, please contact our Travel Consultants with your dates, and we’ll happily put a package together to suit your needs.