Sabah, Borneo, holds incredible natural biodiversity that scientific experts dub as a ‘biological melting pot’, and it’s our passion to introduce the amazing nature to visitors!

Travel experts Jane and Lulu from our Head Office, visit the east coast of Sabah to experience the many attractions and witness endemic wildlife of Borneo’s ancient rainforests!

Their trip’s purpose is to ensure the level of customer service is of a high standard, and also to familiarize themselves with our wildlife adventure programs, which we cater to suit our clients’ needs during their visit to Sabah.

Gaining firsthand experience of travelling to such places as, Tabin Wildlife Reserve and the Lipad Mud Volcano, is valuable knowledge when customizing their guests’ individual itinerary.

Contact either Jane or Lulu, or any of our other experienced Head Office staff, to tell you more about Sabah and they will organize your Borneo adventure!