Straw Wars

Plastic straws are one of those items that are used just once and many times are not used but supplied with a drink regardless. They are then simply discarded only to find their way into our oceans or waterways.

While the Downbelow team were conducting the daily beach cleaning sessions this month we noticed that we have collected thousands of straws & so we would like to highlight that this problem can & should be tackled at the source.

Our wish is that all straws given by drink outlets be bio-degradable and to give out straws only if requested not as a standard.

The consumer can also do their part by using straws only when necessary.

If you are a tourist please dispose of your trash in a responsible manner & support environmentally-friendly establishments.

If you are local then let us all respect our environment & reduce our plastic usage.

We will be campaigning to the local authorities & local resorts to get support on this matter & we will keep you posted on the progress. Straw Wars has begun!